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Introduction of International Fumigation Company IFC

1. Introduction of International Fumigation Company IFC

IFC International Fumigation Company is the first unit doing business in the field of fumigation of export goods and domestic preservation according to "practicing certificate of phytosanitary treatment No. (No. ): 34/KHKT /BVTV-KD" of the Plant Protection Department of Vietnam.

  • Treatment of plastic backing materials in international trade (ISPM 15) by heat-boiling technology according to certificates.
  • Treat plastic backing materials in international trade (ISPM 15) by certified sterilization.

Disinfection according to AFAS standards: We have researched, tested and recognized by the Australian Department of Agriculture the conditions and capacity of sterilization according to AFAS standards and fumigation of goods for the Australian market. Code: AFASVN 033

In addition to the field of disease control IFC construction, including:

  • Prevention of Insects on the construction system.
  • Disease control and eradication of harmful insects on the system of restaurants, hotels, resorts, companies, industrial parks, etc. ..

Business areas:

  • Trading in a number of plant protection drugs (Japan, Belgium, India, Malaysia, UK, Germany, ...) with a nationwide retail system.
  • Trading in a number of chemical disinfectant products, disinfecting machines and PE tarpaulins.
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Introduction of International Fumigation Company IFC

2. Mission, vision and core values at International Fumigation Company IFC

2.1 Scope

To become a leading company in Vietnam as well as in the region, aiming to bring a new growth perspective.


2.2 Mission

We bring our employees the best quality products and services, which are convenient and safe for consumers, in order to bring success to customers. Orientation for development and building a good working environment for employees.


2.3 Core Values

  • Your choice of business performance is the company's number one priority.
  • Intelligence and creativity are the foundation of the company's sustainability.
  • Breakthrough creativity is the main motto.
  • Cultural identity is the foundation for all values and the survival of the company.
  • The efforts and dedication of individuals create opportunities for development and determine benefits.
  • Take the outstanding difference to create an advantage in business.

Mission, vision and core values ​​at International Fumigation Company IFC


3. Offers disinfectant spray service of IFC International Disinfection Company

  • Free survey.
  • If spraying weekly, there will be new products used for cleaning every day.
  • The time of using the sterilization service depends on the customer's choice.
  • No additional fees (midtime, Sunday).
  • Please call the company's hotline 0938. 929.101 will be introduced to more details of disinfection services with a lot of choices and the most reasonable price, committed not to increase the selling price and keep the price later. when the epidemic is completely over.


4. Service commitment at International Fumigation Company IFC

  • Do not devalue, increase price and always maintain a stable price in the market.
  • Safe for the environment.
  • Disinfectant spray service staff of IFC International Disinfection are fully equipped with labor protection, use specialized machines and chemicals certified by the Ministry of Health, health insurance, and accident insurance.
  • Staff doing disinfectant spray service are fully trained and certified by the Central Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology - Ministry of Health.
  • Cleaning staff fully comply with sterilization procedures.

IFC International Disinfection Company Professional - Safe - Prestige

Contact Info

International Fumigation Company (IFC)

Phone: 0938. 929. 101